Looking After Your Gi

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You have just made an investment in a uniform that will endure your weekly abuse for the next few years.To get the best out of your new Gi, there are a few things you need to know when washing and drying your Gi.

All of our Gi jackets are 100% Cotton and our pants are a Poly/cotton blend. Both jackets and pants have undergone a pre-shrinking process to ensure the minimal amount of shrinking after washing. Even though they have gone through this process, they can still shrink depending on how you wash your gis throughout their life span.

Also, its important to note that the preshrinking process that the gi material undergoes, isn't the same standard across the board, which is why some gis shrink more than others.


Rule 1:

Always wash your gi in cold water 

Make sure your washing machine's temperature is set to  below 30 degrees Celsius. Be careful as my washing machine has an automatic setting for 60 degrees.


Rule 2:

Never dry your gi in a drying machine

Drying machines get hot, so never use one to dry your gi. Heat shrinks cotton, so unless you actually want to shrink your gi, always line dry your gi.

Also, we strongly advise against purposely shrinking your gi, whether by hot washing or drying,as you cant control  what parts of the gi will shrink. Most pre-shrunk gis will continue to shrink about 2%, which is about 1cm off the sleeves and roughly 2cm off the length of the jacket. So purchase a gi with this in mind.


Rule 3:

Wash your gi after every roll:

The fastest way to loose friends and potentially get sick is to NOT wash your gi after every roll. There is nothing worse than a smelly gi that hasn't been washed from its previous session. You may not think it smells, but trust me .... it does!!

I tell most people, they should invest in a gi for every day of the week they intend on rolling, especially during winter, when your gis take so much longer to dry.

Its also good to treat your gi to a soak once per month with a mix of white vinegar and baking soda. Add about 25% vinegar to your water and a table spoon of baking soda. Soak for about 5 hrs.

This will help kill some  of the bacteria build up on your gi, and keep it smelling fresh.  



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