The Cyber Gi

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We have finally released our first Gi in the BUDO Cyber range. The Gi is white, with a 450 GSM pearl weave jacket and our signature Poly-cotton blend ripstop pants. The Gi is IBJJF approved and super light, which makes it great for competition. The Gi showcases black Cyber patches with BUDO branding and a Cyber print on the inside of the jacket. 

The Cyber Gi incorporates our latest pattern and stitching technology, which allows us to create a lighter Gi with less fabric reinforcements without compromising on strength and durability.   We have been able to eliminate over 200grms of fabric, that was previously used to reinforce seams and high tension areas. For those competitors that are running the risk of not making weight, 200grms can be the difference that gets you through on the day!

We have plans for a black Cyber release date early 2022. We also have a number of exciting projects in the works including a premium belt range, A new range of hemp Gis (which we are currently working through at the moment) and some more apparel including hoodies launching July 2021 and tees available for Spring. 

BUDO Cyber Kimono Cyber Collection

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