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Decastat™ Hand Sanitiser - 1ltr
Decastat™ Hand Sanitiser - 1ltr

Decastat™ Hand Sanitiser - 1ltr


Revolutionary science, powered by nature

Decastat™ is a groundbreaking discovery in advanced cleaning and sanitisation technology from Wintermute Biomedical. As a patented formulation, Decastat™ stems from years of microbiological research and development across Australia and the USA. Decastat™ is made from highly effective and naturally occurring ingredients, with no harmful chemicals. The proprietary formulation ensures excellent and long-lasting effectiveness against the toughest of bacteria and germs, including superbugs.

Decastat™ is safe, effective and long-lasting.

Decastat™ Hand Sanitiser is a patented, long-lasting hand sanitiser, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. This product reduces bacteria on skin, leaving hands feeling refreshed and moisturised.

• Patented formulation

• Highly effective (99.9% kill)

• Scientifically proven

• Long-lasting protection

• Naturally occurring ingredients

• No harmful chemicals

• Water-based

• Environmentally friendly

• Made in Australia


IMPORTANT: This is not an alcohol based product. Alcohol based products stop killing bacteria once they dry. Decastat will provide lasting protection to the applied area against bacteria. 


Wholesale pricing available for larger quantities.